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The President Elect's Handwriting

In honor of the 40th anniversary the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) contracted handwriting expert Sheila Lowe to analyze the handwriting of both 2017 presidential candidates. As National Handwriting Day concludes inauguration weekend this year, WIMA offers insight into leadership qualities of the new president-elect of the United States, Donald J. Trump, based on his handwriting.

“What better way to honor the 40th anniversary of National Handwriting Day than to apply it to a very important day in American history, as a new president enters office. WIMA endeavors to constantly remind everyone of the importance of handwriting in society today and Sheila provides some very interesting conclusions from the new president's handwriting,” concludes Tim Gomez, WIMA President.

“With a strong belief in himself and his ability to solve problems, Donald J. Trump doesn't much care what others think of him. He wants and expects to see immediate results for his efforts. His thinking style is factual, concrete, and unyielding. With the lack of open space in the handwriting, it's hard for him to see any one else's viewpoint.”

Sheila Lowe, Handwriting Analyst


Donald Trump Handwriting Analysis

Donald J. Trump

A multi-published author on handwriting analysis with over 40 years of experience, Lowe offers fascinating insight about president elect Donald Trump. Donald J. Trump's signature signifies a strong and bold individual who is not to be messed with. His handwriting suggests that he lives for the moment, is rooted in the here-and- now, and has a strong need to feel in control of his environment, thus acting in an authoritarian manner. It also suggests that he welcomes the excitement of a challenge and once he sets a goal, no obstacle is big enough to block his way. Finally, his thinking style is factual and concrete, while he expects immediate results for his efforts.

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Share the power of Handwriting

National Handwriting Day was established in 1977 on the birthday of perhaps one of America's most celebrated scribes and leaders - John Hancock, known for his bold signature on the Declaration of Independence. WIMA sponsors National Handwriting Day to acknowledge the history and influence of penmanship, while offering inspiration to honor the writing holiday.

This year, we suggest taking advantage of National Handwriting Day on January 23 rd by using a pen or a pencil to rekindle that creative feeling in one of the following ways:

Write a note.
A quick handwritten note can make huge impact on someone's day, from a note in your child's lunchbox to a love note to a sweetheart.

Compose a letter.
The days of writing a letter on paper and sending it in the mail are not gone, reach out to someone you haven't communicated with in a while by writing them a letter. Everyone loves getting mail!

Pen a poem.
Not everyone is Shakespeare, but poetry is a great way to bring out your innermost thoughts about something you are passionate about.

Jot in your journal.
Writing down your deepest thoughts in a private journal can help work through things you with which you may be struggling.

Sign your name.
Channel your inner John Hancock and practice your signature, there is still a place today to sign on the dotted line.

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